A snippet teaser of the famous german rap group ORSONS (feat. MINE) got hacked the same night it went online. Stubenhacker and I teamed up to produce this kind-of-a-remix-video, using only the chorus of the song and elements from different ORSONS- and MINE-videos. A part from an interview the Orsons gave some days earlier was autotuned and made a great verse. Instead of just posting it we decided to contact the label and the band's management before. The Orsons and Mine loved the whole concept and integrated it into their PR roll out plan. WIN WIN!

Direction, editing, camera and music production/remixing for STUBENHACKER. 

Stubenhacker is a cyborg, an artificial intelligence built into a human body. 
He hacked "Wasserburgen" of the famous german rap group DIE ORSONS the same night they released a snippet teaser.
I did the remix of the song as well. (as SUDER)
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